Friday, May 9, 2008

My laundry room floor is really, really clean

Did you remember that we have company coming for dinner tonight? And I had planned to clean today? And cook? And I even promised my kids that somewhere in the middle of all the fun we could run down to the pool for a little bit.

Why, yes, I am an over-achiever.

In spite of a late night last night due to a softball game, the girls were up and screaming at each other before 7:20am. Happy, happy, joy, joy! I sent them off with threats and orders to get baths and went back to bed. Hey, it's my first day of summer vacation and I wanted to sleep late.

After awhile, I got downstairs and started cleaning. I went to start the very last load of laundry and the washer was acting weird. Hummm, maybe it just needs to run a load and it'll get back on track. So I loaded up the whites and watched it as it filled and started agitating. So far, so good. So I headed off to clean the bathroom next to it. A couple minutes later I walked back into the laundry room only to find the floor covered in almost an inch of bleach and water.

Did I ever mention that we live in a second floor apartment?

After using up all the clean towels and waiting on maintenance, we decided to take our lunch to the pool and relax before trying again on the whole housecleaning thing. We're now back home, dinner is already in the oven, and the girls' rooms are clean, so we're not too far behind, in spite of the drama.

On the plus side, our laundry room is sparkling clean.

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Great work.