Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going all crunchy eco-friendly mama

Not full-fledged "granola mom", cause that'd just totally be..ummm.. not me.

BUT I did fill that tank of my minivan yesterday and gaped with astonished disbelief as the price display stopped at sixty-freakin'-dollars. For a mini-van! So I immediately decided to be smarter about driving.

As in Don't Drive!

As in Leave That Car Parked! Don't Even Look At It!

Today I was planning to meet some friends for a playdate. My friend wanted to meet at the shopping center near our house, so I loaded the girls on their bikes and we got there by foot power. Then we walked over to the grocery store where I got a bagful of food in a nice reuseable bag with handles and we walked/biked back home.

I've done my little part to save gas, gotten some good exercise, and wore the girls out (score!)

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