Thursday, May 8, 2008


School's out for the summer here at 3:14 Academy (aka Kitchen Table Homeschool) and are we ever excited!

We had planned to finish tomorrow, but L had only 1 page left in her Big Preschool Workbook for today, which totally made K jealous, so she decided that *she* was going to finish today as well. So we worked all afternoon and finished her last test - reading - just after 3pm.

Do you want to know what the last spelling word for second grade was?


Can you imagine? How many ADULTS can spell acquaintance?

But anyway, we finished and got the last of the tests packed up and ready to mail back to A Beka tomorrow.

So the next question is...what are we going to do to celebrate?

Clean house!! And cook!!

Because we have friends coming over for dinner tomorrow and we've got some more work to do on the house. Yep, it's all fun and games here at our house.

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