Saturday, May 24, 2008

We're in Memphis!

Nine families of our adoption travel group is meeting for our 3rd reunion at a hotel in Memphis this weekend and we are having a ball!

Some of us arrived yesterday afternoon and we quickly filled the pool with kids. A noisy dinner of "Chinese" take-out in the breakfast area earned us some looks from the hotel staff so we corralled the kids outside in a little courtyard. Gated, thank goodness, so the kids could run, jump, flip, and get out all the pent-up energy from a long drive here without us worrying whether Sarah (our resident escape artist) had run off down the street.

A late bedtime, an early breakfast, and we were off to the children's museum where we spent most of the time chasing our respective little ones. Back to the hotel and a thunderstorm has trapped us back in the breakfast area. Thankfully, the kids are more subdued today and L and her orphanage-mate, Addy Grace, are sitting quietly playing with paper and stickers. It's been so neat to see them play together. They were very close in the orphanage and they've kinda gravitated to each other this time at the reunion. Probably because they're close in age.

So enjoy the pictures and try not to feel too envious of our fun.

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