Tuesday, August 14, 2018

An unplanned walk down memory lane

Today we moved Kate into college to begin her sophomore year. She's got a busy schedule of mentoring, serving, leading, learning, building relationships, and just having fun. I have no fears for her, not really. She's proven that she's quite capable of succeeding mightily at this whole college life. There were no tears at drop-off, just happy good-byes and tight hugs as she went to relax before her first meeting and we drove the 2 hours back down the mountains to home.

Tonight I drove Lydia to her first official soccer practice of the new season. This new club team she's playing with practices sometimes at a field behind our local elementary. Instead of dropping her off, I chose to stay and walk a few laps around the park and school.

The school has been there for awhile, but there's a whole newish complex behind it with soccer and softball fields and a really fun-looking playground. It occurred to me that my kids would have loved it when they were little and suddenly they were there--two little shadow girls climbing and running and calling, "Mommy, watch me!"

As I walked around the complex, I saw Kate grow up again in my memory.

I saw her on the spinny stools on the playground that she both loved and feared, which was what made them so exciting.

I saw her in the kids riding scooters and bikes along the path. I saw her once again riding away down the street, finally losing the training wheels so she could keep up with the neighborhood kids.

I saw her grumpily walking around the parking lot as some in her 4th grade class had been talking yet again so everyone had to walk laps instead of play at recess. That was her one short foray into public school.

I saw her in the father and daughter walking out onto the field with a bucket of balls and a gear bag almost larger than herself. I saw her unconsciously poke out her tongue and wrinkle her freckled nose in concentration as she learned to swing for the fences.

I saw her in the teens as they raced after the soccer ball, ponytails flying in the gathering darkness.

And I saw her as they climbed into cars and drove away.

I am not usually one for nostalgia and each new stage is my new favorite, but tonight it was good for my mama heart to remember.