Friday, May 2, 2008

Homeschool Coolness

Have I mentioned lately how cool it is that I can chat with my brother in Iraq? I very, very rarely talked to him on the phone (and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned how I really don't like the phone), so it's been nice to reconnect. Maybe by next week, the shine will have worn off and I won't be mentioning it every post.

This morning I opened my laptop to look up something very quickly while I was trying to get schoolwork going and Aaron popped up and started texting. So after a few minutes of back and forth, I got a brilliant idea.

How cool would it be for K to type her spelling list for her dear Uncle Sarge? In Iraq?

Aaron agreed and K spent the next 10 minutes (hey, she's 7) typing all her word as I called them out. He then "graded" her and told her how to spell the four she missed (not bad considering she only got the list yesterday and she was copying it in the dealership waiting room - we had to get the brakes fixed - in between games on "The Price is Right"). We promised Uncle Sarge a Spelling Medal of Honor for his courageous duty of correctly spelling words off a 2nd grade spelling list.

Yep, it's coolness like that that makes me glad we homeschool.

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