Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I heart Yahoo Messenger

This afternoon, I was chatting again with my brother in Iraq. Which still blows my mind. Then my sister called from Houston. Then another tab popped up on my messenger and my brother's girlfriend from North Texas started a new conversation. So I was typing in 2 conversations with one hand and holding the phone for a third conversation. I was incredibly proud of my juggling skills until my brother called me an amateur and pointed out that he can hold 6 conversations at once.

Show off.

As my sister pointed out, it's because he grew up with 3 much older sisters who taught him how to communicate, thankyouverymuch.

On a side note, we are well on track to finish school next Friday!!! We are done with everything except a couple of new-ish concepts in arithmetic and the last of the tests that we have to turn in to the A Beka Academy. L is already done with all her stuff except the last couple of pages in her pre-school workbook and some dot-paint pictures I found. Hey, those are educational. She has discovered through her own experimentation that yellow and blue make green and pink and yellow make orange (and that Mommy gets really angry when you touch the tips together, because, after all, those things are kinda expensive). That's valuable knowledge, people! Maybe this summer we'll work on their ability to hold multiple conversations on Messenger. It could come in handy one day, I hear.

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Sherri said...

Hey Valerie!
I found your blog on a post on Nancy's. I love reading your blog! Looking forward to seeing you at MOPS next week! Talk care!