Saturday, April 19, 2008

Disney World - Day 1

We arrived at the resort in Disney late Sunday afternoon, watched the girls exclaim over the elaborate hotel lobby and the view from our window, and went immediately in search of fun and adventure. And dinner. Dinner would be good.

We took the boar across the lake to the Boardwalk and...walked...on the boards. After assuring the girls we had no intention of spending $20 to rent a pedal car for 30 minutes, not matter how cool it looked, we decided on the hot dog place. That only took cash. In spite of the fact that the ATM was broken.


So we took the boat back to the hotel and ate at the overpriced buffet downstairs. Mr. at Home went off to his workshop opening ceremonies and I promised the girls we could walk down to see the pools. As the saying goes, "If you show a kid a pool, she's going to have to get into it". Or something like that. So in spite of the chilly weather, we donned our swimming suits. With jackets. Because we are fashionable like that.

The water (surprisingly) was not heated, but the girls decided that the kiddie pool had gotten warm enough to tolerate. I made them get out pretty quick, much to their dismay. But really, pneumonia would've really gotten in the way of all the fun we had planned for the trip. We then carted ourselves over to the playground and I let the girls play until we had just enough time for a quick shower before the fireworks show began.

The hotel had made good on their promise to put us in a room facing Epcot so we had a fabulous view of the nightly laser/fireworks show. If was a great room, even if we did have to travel 1.592 miles from the elevator just to get there.

After the fireworks and the loud booms that made K cover her ears, we all collapsed into bed because the next morning we were headed to the (cue majestic John Williams theme music of choice)

Magic Kingdom.

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