Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Home and still going at mach 1

We are back from our whirlwind trip to Disney and back. We pulled into our parking spot at 5pm, AND

- quickly unloaded
- took the rental and our car to the airport
- did a quick loop through the craft store
- grabbed dinner
- ran into the store for a pack of pens
- went home and let the girls paint flower pots
- put the girls to bed
- put the finishing touches on the flower pots
- wrapped pens so they look like flowers
- made a late night run to the store for more pens
- finished up the flower pens and "planted" them in the flower pots
- sat with strawberry cupcakes and root beer and wrote this blog post

Tomorrow morning is the girls' last CBS class this year and the kids can bring little gifts for their teachers. I LOVE their teachers and the girls have had such a great time this year, so I wanted to make sure the girls did something to show how much they appreciate their work. And what better way than a gift that's inexpensive, lets the girls do all the artistic work, and is still fun and useful? Of course, it would have been easier on all of us if I had happened to remember to do this *before* the night before.

So tomorrow is CBS all morning, laundry and school all afternoon, and Mr. at Home's awards dinner at the university all evening. I've very much looking forward to going to that. You know, the whole getting dressed up and hanging out with other grown-ups is a nice change :-) Besides, I'm hoping I'll get to a glimpse into his life as a gifted part-time teacher of secure programming.

All this is to let you know that I really do have pictures and funny stories to share from our trip and I've written a few blog posts on the experience, but only in my head since I've been rather busy with...oh...having the experience. I promise that I'll be posting soon, but maybe not tomorrow. Because I'll be kinda busy.

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