Saturday, April 12, 2008

T minus 9.5 and counting

I've got 9.5 hours to finish a complete laundry cycle, pack my clothes, gather all the power cords and miscellaneous stuff that we can't possibly live without for 4 days, SLEEP, and get everyone out the door and in the car for DISNEY!!!

Can you tell I'm excited?

Can you tell that I love Disney?

Can you tell that I'm anxiously awaiting that moment when the absolute magic of Disney World is reflected in the eyes of my daughters?

In fact, I'm going to go pack my camera right now.
Ok. The camera is in my bag with an extra memory card, extra batteries, and the card reader for my laptop. Because if there's a free internet connection in our hotel room, I will be posting pictures for all our fans back home. If there's not a connection, my sassy red laptop will be a glorified DVD player.

I'm also packing books because I've recently learned that K makes a great audio book substitute. Who knew those Arthur books could be so riveting coming to you live from the back seat?

I think the laundry's ready to switch out so I can get the last load started. Good night all!

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