Monday, April 21, 2008

This weather. I cannot take it.

What does the weather have against softball?

Every single practice and game have been plagued with rain. Every single one has been postponed, rescheduled, or barely squeaked in between rainstorms. K has been practicing in the rain or running from the field due to lightning storms lately.

Today it has been threatening rain all day. Puffy, dark clouds have been floating around, sometimes gathering into menacing groups, but the rain has held off and the sky had started the clear. For the past half hour, though, the clouds have been getting darker, heavier, thicker. Why? Because K has a softball game tonight and we couldn't possibly have a game without worrying about whether the bottom will fall out just as we take the field.

Of course, I really shouldn't complain. The drought that has had the southeast in it's grip for so long is finally letting up and the water company is removing more restrictions all the time. We definitely *need* the rain. It's just that, why does it only rain when we've got a practice or game?

I'd better get everyone dressed for the cold and wet and head toward the ball fields, because you never know what this weather is going to do.

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