Monday, April 28, 2008

Embarrassing the Little Brother

Saturday, I found out that my brother has a girlfriend. Now, he's 23, on his second tour in Iraq, so it's a perfectly mature thing for him to do. I got his Yahoo ID from Mom, and he sent it to his girlfriend, so tonight I got a chance to talk to Theresa. She's very nice and I promised to regale her with a funny story about Aaron. After all, what's the good of having a little brother if you don't torture him with embarrassing stories?

So here goes...

Aaron is over 10 years younger than me and we've always had a pretty good relationship. Which might explain the direction his artistic talent took back when I was about 20 and he was still 9 or so.

I had been dating a great guy and Aaron liked him okay. Then someone obviously mentioned to my adoring little brother that maybe this guy and I would get married, because Aaron decided that my boyfriend was no longer welcome at our house. Aaron started drawing pictures of our dad chasing Mr. at Home off with shotguns and knives and such. Yep, he was making it pretty clear that no one was stealing his sister!

Of course, Aaron did get over it and eventually ended up in a tux at the wedding between Mr. at Home and myself. See? It all worked out.

Don't worry, Theresa, I'm sure Aaron's gotten over all that :-)

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