Friday, April 18, 2008

Disney World - Traveling with 2 Kids

We headed out at a very early hour on Sunday to make the Very. Long. Drive. to Disney World. We were stocked up on snacks and movies, which are two essentials when traveling with children, and the XM radio, which is essential for the parents.

Did you know that there is a whole lot of nothing between here and Orlando? Long stretches of absolute nothingness. Trees. More trees. Pavement. And cars. Curiously, there are lots and lots of cars traveling this nothingness. When there's nothing to look at but cars, there's only one thing to do.

You have to start writing down all the states you see on the license plates.

On the way down we saw plates from 36 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Lots and lots of cars and RVs from Quebec and Ontario. A bit of trivia for you - the motto of Quebec (which is on their license plates) is "je me souviens" which means "I remember". The motto of Ontario is "yours to explore". In light of the Ontario motto, the Quebec one seems a bit selfish. It seemed odd to see so many Canadians headed to Florida. In April. Maybe they just decided they couldn't stand one more minute of snow.

On way back home, we added three more states to the total and one more province. I was going to list all 39 states, but I figure it'll be much shorter to list the ones we *didn't* get.

First there are the obvious Hawaii and Alaska (which I have seen, just not this trip). Then there was Kansas and Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama (surprising), Arizona, South Dakota (we did see ND, which, as we learned from their plate, is the "Peace Garden State"), Utah.

Sheesh, I can't think of the last 2.



And Idaho.

Though I keep thinking we saw Idaho, but I thought I already had it and so I didn't write it down, so there's no proof.

Whew, it's a testament to my social studies, history, and geography teachers that I didn't have to alphabetize my list and compare it to a list of states.

To brighten your day, I'll include the very funniest moment of the whole trip. The one where Mr. at Home were sitting in the front seats laughing so hard that my stomach muscles hurt as we tried to do it quietly enough to hear the whole conversation.

The girls were in the back seat watching Robots. They had gotten to the scene where the mom and dad were trying to assemble the baby kit that had just been delivered to their door. That scene begins with the line, "Making the baby is the fun part." The following conversation was so innocently inappropriate.

L (who is constantly asking what and why): "What they're doing?"

K: "They're trying to make a baby."

L: "Why they're fighting?"

K: "They're not fighting. They're trying to push something together."

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