Sunday, April 6, 2008

Works For Me...Sunday?

I have a Works For Me Wednesday post brewing, but this is not it. You'll just have to come back Wednesday for the most valuable advice anyone will ever give you.

BUT, I do have a tip for today.

Sometimes life gets busy and you get so far behind on housework that you feel you will never climb the slippery slopes of Mt. Laundry. The precariously stacked jeans and socks tremble with every footstep and an avalanche of pink t-shirts threatens anyone who dares approach the majestic (and smelly) summit. You know it will take days of washing, drying, folding, and putting away to level Mt. Laundry and by that time, it will have sprouted mini mountains that will never completely disappear.

Never fear!

Pack the whole mountain into trash bags, throw the bags and the detergent into the van, grab a bagful of quarters, and haul it all to your local laundromat! In a few hours, the whole thing will be clean and folded and DONE!

Can you tell that's what I did this afternoon?

We had a comforter and a sleeping bag that needed to be washed and that necessitated a laundromat with bigger machines than I have. So I took L and most of the laundry with me just so I could finally get caught up on one aspect to housework. Mr. at Home stayed home and worked on a few things and acted as test administrator for K's CAT test. We're trying to get it finished before our zoo trip Tuesday so she did some of it Friday evening, some today, and we'll finish it tomorrow.

So next time you're faced with the tremblings of the Mt. St. Laundry and you fear the impending eruption of mildewy towels, think Quarters! And Quadruple Capacity Washers! And Soda Machines that only dispense MelloYello! And don't forget your loyal assistant who will happily hand you coins, push the buttons, drink half your soda, and scold you for not checking each machine the second it stops. To you, an afternoon at the laundromat is work, but to her...well, it's a grand adventure.

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