Thursday, May 29, 2008

1 week ago yesterday

Late last Wednesday night I came across a post on the Dillon China forum about Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter, Maria. I scoured the internet for news, learning that she and some of her siblings had been playing in the front yard when her brother backed the SUV out of the garage. Just one small moment when their sight was blocked, their attention fixed on something else, and tragedy occurred. A short time later, the happy little girl of five was home with her Father in heaven and the rest of the Chapman family was left with their questions and their grief.

I didn't post anything here about the tragedy as it suddenly seemed too close, too personal. Last Friday, our family loaded up the van and headed to Memphis, TN, where we me up with 8 other families who traveled to China with us in 2005 to adopt our own tiny daughters. Over the weekend, not a word was said about the Chapman family among those of use who shared his passion for adoption. It was never far from my mind, though, especially as we watched the children swim and play, constantly counting heads and checking for any sign of danger. The what ifs were unspoken, but deafening.

Today found me growing frustrated with my daughters - the oldest who constantly asks for expensive entertainment and the youngest who has recently regressed to potty accidents, baby talk, and whining. I had simply reached the end of my rope and took myself and my computer upstairs for a time out. As the sound of my daughters' laughter drifts through my open door (of course, they're happy now), I come across this blog entry by SCC's manager. It is a sobering reminder of the tragedy and the long-lasting effects on all involved.

Please remember to keep the Chapman family in your prayers through the weeks and months ahead. Put a reminder somewhere and help to pray them through this valley that no one can walk alone.

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I think I briefly met you and your daughters at CBS one week, and somehow I stumbled across your blog. I also have a daughter adopted from China. We were stunned when we heard of the Chapman family tragedy. It hit so close to home, of course due to the adoption connection, but also due to the fact that we have 3 teenage children, 2 boys and a daughter~ all of whom drive. Our hearts ache for what their family is going through.

(my daughter's blog)