Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just in case you were wondering...

...why yes, I *did* have nightmares last night.

Ok, maybe not really *nightmares*, but everytime I drifted off to sleep, I'd dream that my friends were turning into zombies and the rest of us were trying to find hiding places before it got dark. I also laid there and analyzed why didn't the zombies attack each other? What happened to the kids? How did the zombie person control the zombie dogs? How could the zombies be smart enough to recreate the doctor's trap, but stupid enough not to figure out where he lived? How did the deer and lions survive? Why were the zombies afraid of the light if it didn't seem to hurt them in the last scene? How long did it take the scientists at the compound to isolate the cure and how would they deliver it to zombies? Would it provide an on-going immunity or would they have to be re-medicated every time they caught the virus? Deep, world-changing questions.

This was not exactly conducive to sound sleeping, so it was a very long night. No more horror movies for me. Especially since I really need sleep because tomorrow's to do list is very long. There's always so much to get done before heading out of town, even for a quick trip where we'll be staying in a hotel in a city and hanging out the whole time with 8 other families from our adoption travel group. I'm so excited about seeing the other girls, being amazed at how much they've grown, chatting with the other parents, and catching up on stories and lives.

An exciting weekend with people I like is much more fun to think about than zombies.

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