Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother/Daughter Night at the Baseball Game

This season, K has been playing catcher for her softball team. In the interest of getting a handle on all the jobs a catcher has, I've been wanting to take her to the watch the local minor league team, but their schedule and ours just hasn't meshed.

So last night, I left a sick Mr. at Home and the little L at home and took K to the game. Where we had a blast. Monday nights at the AAA game just aren't very crowded and K could stand up the whole game without anyone complaining that they couldn't see. We stayed for the whole game and a man handed K a game ball before we left. I treated her to a new Knights cap, then we raced out to wait for the players so we could get some signatures.

Unfortunately, there was all kinds of confusion about who comes out which door. We were told to go to the loading dock, where the guy said the *other* team would be coming out. The Knights used the front entrance, so we headed back up there. And there was no one. We finally stopped a staff guy who said the players ate dinner after the game, but they'd be out in a few minutes and that the Knights used both the front and loading dock doors. So we ran back to the loading dock where we got 3 signatures. From the other team. But one of them was Dontrelle Willis, a major league pitcher on a rehab assignment. That was cool.

After a few autographs, we headed back to the front to see if we could find anyone. We got one signature, then we were walking to the car when a whole group of guys came out. K's hat brim was almost full, but she still didn't have the catcher's autograph. Everyone told us he never comes out and does autographs, but we figured it wouldn't hurt to wait. I had finally told K we could wait 2 more minutes, then we had to go, so we prayed that God would give us a hand here. Just as the 2 minutes were up, a guy who had been watching us play a goofy game of catch while we waited came out and offered to take the ball inside for an autograph. We handed him the hat instead and asked that he please ask Paul Phillips, the catcher, to sign it since we had been watching him, cheering for him, and waiting for him all night. The guy came back a couple minutes later with Paul's autograph in the front and center place of honor on K's hat brim. We were so excited. We didn't get to meet him, but God answered our silly little prayer in His own way.
So we were out way too late last night, but we had a grand adventure and K has a fabulous new lucky hat. Of course, the team K's playing tonight is a monster with a perfect record and a ridiculous number of runs scored (155 while only allowing 35. ALL SEASON), so we're going to need all the "luck" we can get!

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