Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WFMW: Figuring out those pesky electronics

This morning I am going through a crash course in shooting video.


1. Because today is Video Day at L's dance class where we doting moms get to actually go into the dance room and video their recital dances so our little aspiring ballerinas and show girls can "practice at home". These girls are 4. You can imagine how much practicing at home is going on. At least we'll have their "boogie woogie" move as great blackmail fodder for future dating years.

2. Because we so rarely *use* the video camera that it took 30 minutes of searching this morning before I finally found it in a box labeled "electronics" that we haven't opened since we moved last summer. I'm glad I got motivated to look for it fairly early this morning so it has plenty of time to charge.

3. Because I have stayed loyal to my still camera and early on turned the job of videographer over to Mr. at Home. So I have never officially *used* our snazzy little video camera and I totally forgot to ask for Mr. at Home's help in the 3 weeks I've known about the upcoming Video Day.

I called Mr. at Home twice this morning about the video camera (honey? where is it? where are the cords? which tape can I use?). He seemed a little cranky (well, he was at work and, you know, working) so I finally accepted my fate and set about figuring out this thing on my own.

Making full advantage of my higher learning, I determined that I needed to plug the thing in to charge first. Thankfully, the appropriate cord was in the bag with the camera. I plugged it in and the little red light started blinking.

Ummm, does that mean it's charging? Maybe it's a warning and means I need to do something else?

So I did what any former technical writer does. I went to our files and looked for the manual. Now, I am a bit obsessive about manuals. I keep them all filed under Important Documents. So I flipped through ancient receipts and manuals for things we haven't owned in years, but there was NO video camera manual. Sheesh! Can't I catch a break?!?

So I did what any computer savvy former technical writer does. I cracked open my laptop, went to the JVC website, clicked on Support, and found the product manuals. And there it was! The manual for my camera! In PDF! I scrolled through the first few pages and learned that the blinking light did indeed indicate that the battery is charging. I even learned that when the light goes out, charging is complete, and I need to set the switch to A when I want to record. Folks, modern technology is a miracle.

You can find almost *any* product manual on the internet these day. Did you buy a sewing machine at a garage sale? Inherit your big brother's old camera? Forget until the last minute that you need to know how to use your video camera? Never fear! Just go to the company website and look for support and/or product manuals. You will find a treasure chest full of valuable information.

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