Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rubber Duckie Birthday Cake

A friend of mine mentioned that she wants to do a duckie-themed party for her daughter's first birthday. And, what do you know, I have the perfect cake!

Several years ago, I found directions for this cake in a magazine and I made it for Lydia's second birthday.

Here's how to make it. You will need to start *well* in advance of the party since it will take hours for the jello to set and the cake to cool.

1. Mix up a batch of blue jello. Go ahead and make the big package or 2 small packages, so that you have plenty. You can always eat the extra later. Put it in the fridge to set and go to step 2.

2. Bake a white sheet cake. Allow the cake to cool completely or your jello will melt.

3. Using a wire cheese slicer, slice off the top yellow crust of the cake, revealing the white inside. (This will keep the jello from looking green.)

4. Once your jello is set, take a large spoon and stir it up so that it gets chunky and easy to work with.

5. Spoon the jello gently over the top of the cake to look like water.

6. Make the bathtub outline around the edges using white icing. (I used a store-bought squeeze tube with the flat line tip.)

7. The magazine picture had a faucet made of gray icing and corncob holders in the shape of old-fashioned hot and cold handles. I did not happen to have any of those, so we made do with some duckie cake decorations around the edges.

8. Plop a couple of small rubber ducks (after you've run them through the dishwasher, of course) in the middle of the "water" and you've got a birthday cake masterpiece that will amaze your family and friends.

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