Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like summer vacation

Summer vacation has been going on for....

1 day.

But we're totally diving in headfirst.

Thursday was all school books and papers scattered everywhere, but this is what we see today.

The cooler and the bag of pool toys lying in the middle of the floor.

Two new fish floaties have appeared in the floor of K's closet.

The fridge is suddenly overpopulated with small fruit flavored drinks specially designed to fit in the above cooler without spilling.

But the last and most important thing?

My koozie. The one with my initial embroidered on it and tied with a ribbon. Isn't it cute? And it's the absolute perfect thing for keeping Mom supplied with delicious ice cold beverages while she makes the sacrifice of taking her kids to the pool, spending hours in the blazing heat and never taking her eyes off her bathing beauties. Especially since one had such a difficult time learning water safety and I don't want a repeat of all that. Thankfully, that experience seared itself a permanent place in her memory (as well as all the other moms, kids, firefighters, ambulance personnel, doctors, nurses, and parents involved) and L is *very, very* cautious now.

Yep, you know it's summer when the koozie comes out.

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Nancy said...

Welcome Summer! Hope your Mother's Day is wonderful!