Monday, October 29, 2007

It's Almost Time

The bags are packed and sitting in a designated spot in the living room. The girls are in bed, no doubt dreaming in a thick Texas drawl, ya'll. K is, in fact, already wearing the clothes she picked out to wear tomorrow, so she won't have to take the extra 3 minutes required to throw on a sweat suit in the morning.

I let the girls pack their backpacks full of toys and things to keep them occupied in the airport and on the flight. Ever the teacher, I also made them pack their folders with tomorrow's work, too. L's little backpack is full of Barbies, Pollys, Leapster, crayons, and a notebook. K's back pack? Now, that's a work of packing genius. We found her backpack on clearance a few weeks ago and it's *huge*. It has enough pockets and built in gadgets to make MacGyver weep with joy. This cadillac of all school backpacks even has an emergency whistle built-in and a zipper that makes it expand even BIGGER. K has every pocket and compartment stuffed with schoolwork, notebooks, pencils (with sharpener), camera, wallet, iPod, DS (with charger), stuffed animals, and who knows what all. It'll be interesting to see her haul that thing over her shoulders tomorrow 'cause Mama ain't carrying it.

After lots of rearranging, stuffing, and paring, I finally got everything we need (besides the girls' backpacks of **Life Necessities**) into 1 big and 1 small suitcase to be checked and one large purse for me. Considering the cold medicine induced fog I've been under during all this packing, I have no doubt I have forgotten something vitally important. However, I keep reminding myself I am *not* going for a year's excursion in darkest Africa. Anything I forgot can probably be found in the cabinets at my parent's house or purchased at the nearest "The Walmarts".

Have I mentioned how absolutely excited I am that we get to fly? It's worth the 1000-mile drive to see my family...but just barely, so the flying thing has got me stoked. I talked to my mom tonight and guess what is happening Saturday.

Come on, guess.

Ok, I'll tell you.


It's too early? Oh, ye of little faith. My brother, who will be spending this Thanksgiving in Iraq, just like last year and the year before, has requested we have Thanksgiving this Saturday when he's in town for one last visit home before deployment. As you can imagine, Mom and Dad were happy to oblige him so the whole entire extended family will be at my parents' house to celebrate. My mom's turkey and dressing, my Aunt Deborah's ham, my Aunt Shirley's baked beans, all the family stories retold, the newest generation of kids running around. It brings a tear to my eye and a rumbly to my tumbly.

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