Saturday, October 27, 2007

Christmas Shopping

We have gotten a really, *really* early start to Christmas shopping this year. A couple of weeks ago, K got some Build-a-Bear bucks, which naturally meant an immediate trip to the mall. We walked past the Disney store and *had* to go in, 'cause you's the Disney store...and they were advertising half off the princess dresses. So L went in and drooled over the dresses and shoes and then she found *it*. The amazing thing that just caused her heart to go pitter-patter.

*It* is a castle made for the Polly Packet sized princesses, complete with 2 dolls and their various dresses and tiny shoes. It also comes with furniture. You could just see the light shining from L's eyes as she stood mesmerized in front of it. "Mommy," she said in a breathless voice, "I want this for Christmas." It's princess, it's Polly, and it's the perfect gift for L. W and K went out the following weekend and returned with the castle, so it is now hidden in W's closet awaiting the Big Day.

One daughter down and one to go. Actually, I've also found the Perfect Present for K. Someone at the Polly Pocket company is *very* smart. A few months back, they started making these tiny Pollys with their own tiny Polly cars that are just a little bigger than Matchbox cars. They have now come out with a racetrack built especially for those cars. Two cars start from the launcher, fly through the loop, hit an escalator that takes them up to the top, where they spiral down *to the mall*. It's a girly version of a traditional boy toy that K has wanted for years.

Yep, it's all jolly good.

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