Friday, October 19, 2007

Middle School Madness

This week, it was reported that a school in Maine has decided to start providing students with birth control pills and patches at the in school health clinic. The student only needs to have signed permission to seek treatment at the clinic, which includes care for illness and injury, and it is illegal for the clinic to notify the parent that their 11-year-old daughter is taking birth control.

Lord have mercy on us all.

The main argument seems to be that there is a small percentage of sexually active middle school students who need proper protection and we simply can't ignore their needs. And we all know that middle school students are so incredibly responsible that they'll remember to use the pills and patches exactly right so they are fully protected, especially when women 2 and 3 times their age can't seem to get it right. Plus, they'll also be sure to remember that the pill and patch only protect against pregnancy, so they'll also be responsible enough to use a condom to protect (somewhat) against STDs, not to mention finding a therapist to deal with the emotional issues that come along with the territory.

Let's just give those kids a false sense of security that's going to cause a *whole* lot more problems than just telling them NO! It's stupid, don't do it!

Then there's also all those students who are engaging in other equally dangerous and stupid activities we fail to "protect". Why don't we hear these messages?

Don't drink. But since we know that a small percentage of you will anyway, here's some rules on how to drink responsibly and a list of people who'll go to the liquor store and buy your beer for you.

Don't do drugs. But since we know a small percentage of you will anyway, here's what the drugs are, how to use them safely, and you can get a supply of sanitary needles in the health clinic without your parents knowing.

Don't drive until you're 16 and have a license. But since we know a small percentage of you will anyway, we offer a driver's ed class after school in the teacher parking lot. If you can't see over the steering wheel or can't reach the pedals, we'll provide you with accessibility aids free of charge. And again, we won't tell you parents.

Because, by golly, we want you all to be safe.

This kind of "logic" is exactly what they're using to justify providing birth control in schools. And there's no logic to it at all.

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