Thursday, October 11, 2007

After umpteen calls to 2 airlines...

...I *finally* have the girls and I booked on a flight to TX.

You see, my baby brother is headed home for a few days before he ships out for tour #2 in Iraq. I really wanted to make it back there to see him, but W didn't want me making the drive with just the girls (and I wasn't too thrilled about that either), so I started searching for alternatives. We had a voucher on one airline and almost enough miles for 2 tickets on another airline that was in the same alliance. So over 3 days I called both airlines and the conversations went something like this.

Airline #1: "Do you have seats on this flight? How about another one that day? Ok, hold that and I'll call the other airline to see if they can get me tickets for that same flight."

Airline #2: "What? You've never heard of that flight number? What else do you have available that day? What about the next day? Ok, hold that flight while I check back with the other airline."

Airline #1: "What do you mean I need 79 more frequent flier miles, but I can only purchase them in increments of 1,000? And I have to wait 48 hours to book? This is madness!"

After umpteen more similar calls and craziness, I finally have 3 tickets held on 1 plane going and 1 plane returning sold by 2 different airlines. And all for the low price of $65 for those stinkin' extra 1,000 miles. We have to wait for Airline #2 to confirm the seats with Airline #1, but that shouldn't be a problem, then we have to make a trip out to the airport to turn in the voucher and get the tickets officially "ticketed".

All I can say is that my little brother better be happy to see us :-)

The next issue is getting transportation to and from the airport. Anyone wanna volunteer to make an airport run early on 10/30 or 11/6? I could throw in breakfast as a bribe.

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