Monday, October 15, 2007

A Lunch L Loves

My girls have both gotten into a very bad habit of not eating lunch, in spite of the fact that I don't give them an afternoon snack when they don't eat lunch and they often sometimes have to eat their lunch reheated at dinner time. I think it has to do with when they finally settle down to eat breakfast, a few quiet trips to the kitchen for a morning snack, and by lunchtime they're generally done or almost done with schoolwork and they're just too excited to get back to playing. Whatever it is, I'm working on getting it to *stop*.

L is the worst as she's got that freaky toddler appetite thing going. You know, the one where they eat 2 helpings of everything one day and a cracker the next. They love PB&J one day and swear they hate it the next. Whatever.

On Saturday, we went out for lunch at Pei Wei, the "diner" version of P.F. Chang "bistro" (which means cheaper, faster, and more family friendly, but with the same yummy food). I ordered L the lo mein and when the server brought it, the look on L's face was *priceless*. She lit up with absolute glee that she was getting to eat *noodles* with *chicken*. She picked up her chopsticks (with the kiddie helper clip, of course) and sucked up almost the whole bowl.

So I guess the answer to lunch problem is to serve more Pei Wei. Yep, I could handle that, but the budget can't. Oh well.

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