Friday, October 19, 2007

Remember what I said about Maintenance Day?

I got up hugely early, got the girls ready and school packed up, then we headed out to the dealership. The inspection is done, but they had to order the lock assembly and it won't be here until Monday. Maybe.

I put in a call to get the home stuff taken care of (I *love* living in an apartment!) and have picked up and cleaned most of the place. I had finally gotten to the point of vacuuming, so I pulled out the vacuum, emptied the canister, moved the chairs, and got started. Then I started thinking, gosh it's making a lot of noise, of course, there's always a lot to pick up under the table. But when I looked, it wasn't actually picking up anything, just kinda blowing it around.


Well, it *is* kinda old and it wasn't exactly an expensive model, so I'm not surprised it died. Now, there's the question of what to do about it. W has this points program at work and he has enough points to get a Dyson, which normally costs like...millions...or $400
...whatever. So I did the Responsible Consumer thing and looked on the Target website to get some ideas and started reading the reviews. For the Dyson. And I discovered that people either love it and would get a picture of it tattooed on their body (no, seriously) or they blasted it as a worthless piece of cheap plastic (ouch, harsh). SO...I'm still not sold on it. And besides, I'm not sure our floors can wait for shipping. But then there's the argument that Dyson=free and another vacuum would actually cost real money.

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