Monday, October 15, 2007

Don't Mess With Mommy

Whenever I tell other moms about L's haircutting escapades, I get lots of stories about how their kids did the same thing. Once. I rarely hear about repeat offenders like L, who somehow sneaked off with the scissors *again* tonight. And, yep, I found wispy strands decorating her bed...the floor...her shirt...and not her head. She managed to get the front cut down to the scalp this time.

So I wore her out, hauled her off upstairs, and shaved her head.

Oh yes ma'am, I did.

Now that I've gotten the shock value (hehe), don't worry, she's not quite ready for boot camp yet. I used W's clippers with the longest guard, so it's just back to about where it was the last time we had to have it cut. It just has a new bald spot in front. I'm hoping the clippers scared her more than than all the punishment that didn't seem to get through her hard head last time.

And that shadowy figure you see out in the dark of night with a shovel and a sack? That's me, burying the scissors where they will never be found.

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