Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Privileges of Being 7

When you're 7, you get to do a whole lot more cool things. At least I figure it's a great age to start allowing some new "privileges". K is now allowed to...

1. Vacuum! She's tall enough and strong enough to push around the big vacuum cleaner, so I showed her which buttons to push and she's off and running.

2. Use the microwave to heat up her own lunch! Heck, she can read labels and punch those buttons just as well as I can.

3. Make her own hot chocolate! I showed her where the electric water kettle was kept, how to fill it, turn it on, and stir that powdered mix into the hot water. I even let her get some marshmallows today because I am just that kind of nice.

Yep, turning 7 is a great thing (especially for Mom)!

In other news, tonight was MOPS and when I reminded W of this, he said if the girls didn't choose Chuck E Cheese or any equivalent, he would be willing to take them out to dinner and give me a little extra time off ( I love that man!). When I told K, she got very excited and asked if she and L could dress up really nice and get Dad to take them to a fancy restaurant (and W was all worried about CEC). So K and L searched their closet and picked out their fanciest dresses, *voluntarily* picked out tights, then asked me to fix their hair. K even offered to share her treasured glittery make-up with L. This is big stuff, folks. They were finally ready including make-up, jewelry, and purses and they met Dad at the door. K's idea of a fancy restaurant? Applebee's. 'Cause it is a little nicer than Chili's, according to K. W very willingly played along and took the girls out for their fancy dinner at Applebee's and Mommy got to finish the cake she had to take to the MOPS meeting tonight in peace. The girls did ask if there was any left after the meeting, if I'd save it for them, but the cake plate looked as if someone had licked it clean, so I'll have to make another one. Maybe I'll make it for Saturday morning breakfast since it's really more of a bread than a cake and it was super yummy.

Thanks, Mom, for that subscription to Taste of Home and many of the women at MOPS thank you, too.

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