Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Sweetness That is Sisters

It is *finally* Fall! The skies are cloudy, the wind is gusting just the tiniest bit, and the ground is decorated with colorful leaves.

K has been desperate to get outside all day. This could be a reaction to the hundreds of times she's watched Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board the past few days, because she dug out all of her skating pads, carted the skateboard outside, and has been bugging me to find somewhere she can skate. You know, with ramps and everything, because she has visions of herself "catching big air" doing "sick" tricks while I have visions of her "stacking" at the bottom (see, Johnny has taught me some valuable skater lingo and "stacking" ain't a good thing). Yep, I have one daughter who wants to rise to stardom in the X Games and one who wants to grow up to be a princess. tie in the subject line...

K is outside in the dreary fall weather wearing a T-shirt and shorts and she stopped in front of the window where L and I were watching her, giving us her best exaggerated shiver. Well, yeah, I can imagine you're probably cold. L looks down in sympathy and announces, "She needs a jacket!" She trotted off to K's room, found K's pullover, and sweetly carried it to her.

Let's all say it together, "Awwww".

K then asked L to come outside with her, increasing the sweetness factor. About 2 minutes later, L popped her head back inside, "Mommy, I'm cold! I need a jacket!" Because, of course, L had blithely run off outside wearing her Tinkerbell costume, which doesn't offer too much protection from the elements. So this time it was Mommy's turn to pull out the jacket and convince the little one that she would have to take off the big wings cause that jacket just wasn't fitting over them. The sacrifices we make for comfort. And for sisters.

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