Tuesday, October 9, 2007

L's Favorite New Word

L has learned a fun new word. One that sounds impressive, conveys a great deal of emotion, and is lots of fun to say, especially when you add a wrinkled nose. No, it's not a curse word or anything unmentionable. It's "disgusting". The word "disgusting" is getting rather overused by our 3-year-old and I never realized that just calling something disgusting actually makes it seem that way. Like food. My appetite hasn't been the same lately. Today the doll house was declared "disgusting", and to her credit, it did look like a coke had been splattered on the living room walls, *something* was discoloring the little girls' bedroom floor, and pink yogurt decorated the outside walls. Yep, it was time for some clorox wipes action.

And to help you reach your laugh quota for the day, an L funny from this weekend.

My mom was visiting and found something in our dry, hot NC air did not agree with her allergic sensibilities, so she spent part of the weekend sniffling and sneezing. At one point, L found her in the bathroom blowing her hose on a piece of toilet paper. L's very proper little heart was horrified and she promptly brought Grandma the box of "blow nose" (L's version of kleenex), berating her for not using the appropriate tissue.

Early the next morning, Grandma was again in the bathroom blowing her nose. As soon as she opened the door, she found L standing there waiting...holding the box of kleenex.

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