Friday, October 5, 2007

Baby Pictures

As I was sitting here at the computer (avoiding housework) doing some very important reading, L walked up and asked me if I could get out the pictures of her when she was a baby.

Oh, honey, if only I could.

I have one tiny, grainy newspaper picture of when she was about 4-months-old. The next 3 pictures were taken probably a little before her first birthday. We have a few more that other visitors to the orphanage took between May and early October. Most people who visit the orphanage during their adoption try to take pictures of as many other children there as possible. They then post the pictures on the Yahoo Group specific to the orphanage so others can search them and look for their own children. One family who adopted their daughter the week before we received L had a good picture with L and the other toddler in our group. She said she had been told that L and her daughter, Guo, had been very good friends. When they left the orphanage with Guo, L ran after them, tripping and getting a scratch on her cheek. I saw the scratch when we got L and it was so sweet to know how she had gotten it. The internet can be such a wonderful resource.

The bulk of the pictures start when L joined our family at 20-months-old. Thankfully, she considers these her "baby pictures" and loves to look at the scrapbook I made about the whole trip to China. It starts with the tiny, grainy newspaper picture and is filled with tons of pictures and stories from the whole trip. So I pulled this out scrapbook out for her and she flipped through it. After K's spelling test, I'm going to put aside the housework for a little longer, sit on the couch with a daughter on each side, and look through the scrapbooks, telling the story again about how God blessed us with each of our beautiful girls.

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