Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Friends

A couple of weeks ago, K came to the realization that her soccer clinic was almost over...and L's dance class wasn't. This is obviously unfair.

Being the resourceful mom I am, I explained that it was okay since it gave us one more day every week that we didn't have somewhere to be and we could go do something fun. Then, of course, I had to follow up on it, so I promised K that the first Tuesday we didn't have soccer, we'd go to the zoo.

I spent some time talking to a lady in our Sunday Bible Study that I've never gotten a chance to talk to and invited her to join us. Happily, she did and we had a fabulous time. We have a ton in common from English degrees to a couple of similar jobs to marrying techno geeks. Our kids got along great and I found someone who's actually read a lot of the same books I have - interestingly enough. The weather was beautiful, the kids had a blast climbing around the playground and on every piece of sculpture they found, and we got lots...and lots...of exercise. All in all a total success. Zoo-wise and friend-wise.

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