Thursday, November 1, 2007

A day on the couch

After 3 nights of little sleep and not sleeping well when I did manage to drop off, it's been a long 3 days. This cold is kicking my tail and L isn't helping. The last 2 nights, she's been up late, up in the middle of the night, up early. I finally threatened her with unmentionable violence about 2:30 this morning if she didn't lay down, get still, get quiet, and GO TO SLEEP. Thankfully, she did, but I still woke up hacking my lungs out 4 hours later.

At lunchtime, the grandparents took K to pick up my brother at the airport and I put L down for a nap since she obviously hasn't been sleeping well and we both took a really long nap. Actually, *I* took a really long nap and L took advantage of the quiet and I went in later to find the bedroom floor strewn with candy wrappers (the candy from last night's fall festival is now on top of the entertainment center), but she still says she took a nap, so I guess she slept some. She seems to be feeling better, so maybe candy is the miracle cure for a cold.

Eat up, folks :-)

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