Monday, November 12, 2007

Roller Skating

When you've been hanging around the house doing nothing, getting bored, and you happen upon a message stating that tonight is $2 roller skating to Christian music (and that includes skates!), you go do it! I piled the girls in the car and we went. Heck, how else can you risk your precious children's life and limbs to tire them out so quickly so cheaply? Of course, this was before I saw that gas is $3.05 a gallon and started thinking this little outing might not be quite so cheap as I thought!

We get there and discover that the 3-year-old is free - woohoo! So for $2 we got 2 pairs of skates, 2 completely exhausted girls, any number of bumps and bruises, and a whole lot of fun. Even L was doing fabulously skating on the carpet and in the tiny practice area for little skaters. I'm thinking we might have to do that more often. I was momentarily tempted to get some skates for myself, but then I saw another mama walk in with a large bag embroidered with the word "Jordache" and I figured I was outta my league.

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