Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You know that you are loved when...

...your mother offers to fly to your rescue the day after Thanksgiving and of her own free will put up with all the airport craziness that will no doubt be happening.

Mom had always planned to come out and help when L had her surgery; we just didn't expect it to happen quite this soon. The whole, "Hey, you're free, we're free, let's do this now" thing threw a few complications into that plan. After all, Mom's a teacher and it can get a bit crazy when she's not there.

Since we weren't expecting Mom, we made plans for K to stay with friends so we could be free to stay with L at the hospital. Then Mom called back and said she just can't imagine not being here while L has open heart surgery and she's planning to fly out. She's coming out and taking care of K while we're at the hospital, even doing all the homeschool stuff and taking her to her dentist appointment. She even got just a one-way ticket so she can stay as long as we need her.

Thanks, Mom.

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