Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I must confess my newest addiction

I'm at close to 100 posts on this here blog, but my comment count is at like...5. Maybe. So I was getting a little depressed wondering if anyone was really visiting my little corner of the Internet or if I was just tossing my words into the void. Not that it really mattered since I'm just having fun writing it and I've heard that my sister reads it aloud to her office (hey, guys! I'm waving at you!) and my aunt prints it off and takes it to my grandmother (hello, Aunt Teresa and Grandmother!). Other than that, well, who knew.

I finally broke down and added a site meter to my blog. For the uninitiated in the blog world, it's a little program that keeps track of when the site gets visited and where it's getting visited from. Did you know that people from countries like Taiwan (we won't even get into the political issue of whether it's part of China or not) and Brazil have visited this blog? And then there's all kinds of people from around the States. It's addictive to watch.

The best part of it all is the fact that YOU can share in this fun! If you click on the sitemeter icon at the bottom of the page, you too can see who's visiting and where they're from. There's even a option to view it on a world map. Lots of bloggy fun and it's all for free.

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Angela said...

Hello from the Institute of Physical and Alternative Medicine (IPAM) for short!