Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have a mental To Do list of all those little projects that need to get done sometime, but not right now, just whenever I have some time and energy and motivation, and want to, you know, see the bottom of my closet again, for example.

This morning I tackled one of those projects and I had a fabulous reason for doing so. Yesterday, I was staring dejectedly at the clothes hanging in my closet lamenting the fact that I haven't been particularly motivated in the laundry department this week and I was out of clean pants. Well, except for some really dressy ones and I wasn't in a dressy mood. Well, there was those navy khakis (which doesn't make any sense, I know) which were really too tight. Except, then I started thinking about how my jeans have been getting noticeably looser and I had actually used the absolute smallest setting on my belt yesterday so maybe...

And they fit! They fit well! Score!

So this morning I made the bed so I would have a place to work (otherwise I *never* make my bed...sorry, Mom) and I pulled out all the boxes of out-of-season, I'll-fit-into-this-next-season, and I-hope-I'll-fit-into-this-again-some-season clothes. I rescued another pair of pants and some tops that haven't seen the light of day this year, and longingly gazed on all my cute and still-too-small clothes, refolding and organizing and packing them back into their boxes. Except 2 1/2 garbage bags full of stuff that will just never come back into style (thank goodness!). I did stack the winter clothes on top because I am determined that another few pieces will be rotated back into my wardrobe this season because I *will* keep on the downsizing my waist (and a few other body parts) trend.

Now, I just need to do some laundry.

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