Monday, November 12, 2007

Educational Games

Our family has an addiction. It's called Pogo, as in

If you haven't found the gaming goodness that is Pogo, consider yourselves hopelessly behind the times. Or blessed. Because it's incredibly addictive. Pogo has a gazillion different games of every variety for every skill level and interest. You can play some of them for free and for a small monthly fee, you can play A WHOLE LOT MORE. It's definitely worth it to play without delays and advertisements that interrupt all that gaming goodness.

We have one paid account that W and I fight over in the evenings. If one person's playing and the other tried to log in, player #1 gets booted off. So we can share the account, but not at the same time.

Lately, the problem has grown since K discovered the greatness of Pogo. There are several games on there she can play and loves to play. And just so you don't think I let my children fritter away their time doing useless video games that turn their minds to mush, I would like to point out that there are many important educational aspects to these games.

Penguin Blocks teaches spatial relationships, planning, and the all important restaurant design skills and menu selection.

Our family's current favorite, Thousand Island Solitaire, teaches valuable math skills and strategies, as well as the basics of shipping and cargo and the value of some good salad dressing.

So next time you have a few hours to (waste) invest, head on over to Pogo and pick up a little more education.

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