Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Perks of Blogging

Since I discovered the blogging community, I also discovered that many bloggers get lots of cool opportunities, like free music, books, and trips to concerts and stuff. The very next thing on my mind was, of course, how do I get in on the fun? I mean, how cool is FREE???

I found one fun way this morning. The Michael W. Smith camp has found a fabulous way to market his new Christmas CD. It's fabulous not only because it takes advantage of the growing blogosphere for (almost free) publicity, but because I can get a free CD! Did I mention I like free?

So the MWS camp is hopefully sending me a copy of his new CD and all I have to do is write a blog entry about how I listened to the CD while my wonderful family spent a peaceful afternoon decorating our home with heirloom ornaments and enjoying wassail. Of course, I'm sure it'll be more of a comedy of errors than a painting from Currier & Ives *LOL*

If you'd like to join in the free fun, you can follow the link below for details.

mws banner

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