Monday, November 26, 2007

First Update

We got up very, very early, grabbed the bags and the daughter and made our way across town to the hospital. I learned the interesting fact that there are lots of traffic lights near us that flash yellow at that hour.

They led us back to the pre-op area where they provided L with markers and told her to *write on the sheet*. Hello?!? Don't teach her that! After awhile they came back in with a medicine cup with a tiny bit of liquid in for her to drink. Within minutes after drinking that stuff, L was tottering around. The nurse anesthetist brought the wagon piled it with blankets and tried to sit her in it and buckle her in. Trust me the buckle was required since the child was floppy by that point. They finally just laid her down and she disappeared down the hall wearing a goofy grin and working hard at her princess wave.

The child life specialist escorted Grandma, W, and I off to the special waiting room where there's an attendant at the desk who passes on updates from the OR. We got our first update at 8:15. They had made the first incision at 7:45am and things are going well so far.

I had brought 2 books, my laptop (very important), the Christmas cards to address, and sundry other little tasks to keep busy. So far, it's been tough to find time to even post this update as we've had several visitors drop by and keep us company. I did have to make a trip to the cafeteria, which by the way is a soft drink mecca. They have almost any drink you could possibly hope to find on tap. I left with a Coke and a bagel. My stomach feels queasy either from drainage or nerves, probably a little from column A and a little from column B. My new BFF, Sondra, brought me a 1/2lb bar of "therapy" chocolate. Gosh, I love her.


RHB said...

Hey! We're still praying for you, even if we're not there anymore. What's the word on the traffic front now?
BTW - the only real rain we will get today beyond drizzle fell HARD on me as I was halfway between the car and the office. It stopped 5 minutes later AFTER I was soaked. ;) -RHB

sondrabrad said...

No prob on the chocolate. As I said, a friend of mine, Loa, gave me therapy chocolate for one of Devon's appointments, and I appreciated it so much as a tangible/edible reminder of her support. Plus, every stressful situation calls for chocolate. Just pay it forward to the next friend in need. : ) Praise the Lord for Lydia's safe surgery, for friends, and for chocolate!