Saturday, November 17, 2007

Being Intentional

I'm trying very hard to teach my daughters some basic social skills. For example, when you enter a house, don't comment on the odor no matter how much it makes your eyes burn.

My current focus with K is introductions. There are a few basic pieces of info that are important to find out early in the acquaintance. Like someone's name. She tends to strike up friendships and never bother to ask the other person the most basic question. Asking and forgetting is one thing, but never asking...well...

Yesterday K and L went outside to skate and as I watched them from the window, I saw them stand and talk to a boy for a few minutes. I didn't recognize him, but he was obviously around K's age and was soon hurried away by his father (he was only supposed to take out the trash and come right back - oops!). When the girls came in, I asked about the boy and K was happy to inform me that he is almost exactly 1 month younger than her. So she knew his birthday, but hadn't thought to ask his name, what grade he was in, etc. I was going to get onto her about her manners, but then she floored me.

"Mom, he said he knows God, knows about him, but he doesn't go to church here yet. He just moved here. I know what God wants me to do. God put me here to invite that boy to my church."

Now that's getting to the heart of the matter. If only we could be so bold as to directly inquire about a person's relationship with God as absolutely the most important information we could possibly have. There are so many people I've known for years and I have yet to find the courage to ask that one simple question, "Where do you stand with God?" Not so I can be judgmental, pushy, or preachy; just so I can be an encouragement. Encourage others to think about where they really stand and where they want to stand. Is their knowledge of God limited to half-remembered lessons from childhood or an idea they've come up with or is it based on a personal knowledge of the Bible?

If you don't have a firm conviction of where you stand in regard to God, please take the time to read His Word for yourself, pray about it, and make a commitment. The Bible tells us we have to make a decision during our lifetime, because after death, it will be too late. Besides, I want to see you all again in heaven.

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