Sunday, November 25, 2007

I *think* we have dodged the bullet known as The Stomach Flu

W is slowly recovering and is being very sweet about the forced quarantine. I know he's bored and tired of being sick and I'm grateful that he's still been so nice.

K tossed her cookies once last night, was sent to bed, slept all night, and woke up chipper and hungry this morning. She's had 2 meals and has been feeling fine all day, so it looks like an incredibly light case.

L complained most of yesterday afternoon and evening that her tummy hurt. I'm still halfway convinced that she just wanted some of those pretty pink pills that smelled so good that I gave K her *her* tummy ache. As soon as she saw K hurl all over the carpet and get put to bed, L MIRACULOUSLY experienced a full and complete recovery.

Mom and I have continued fairly well. My stomach most of yesterday, but it recovered and I've felt fine today. If you had seen us all yesterday, you would agree that it is *only* because of divine intervention that we're all healthy today. Thank you to all those who were praying.

Today has been busy with showing Grandma where the dentist is, doing laundry, and taking pictures for our Christmas cards (well, what better time than this week to address all those cards?). We've still got one more trip to Target (gotta pick up those cards. Did you know you can make your cards online and pick them up in an hour at your local Target? Way cool.), put together all the school stuff and show Grandma where everything is, pack up clothes and toys for the hospital, and deliver K to her friends who are watching her tonight and during the surgery tomorrow.

We're getting closer.

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