Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ugh, ugh, UGH!!

My to-do list for today just got blown out of the water. No packing, cleaning, or taking back the serving platters I borrowed.

Today we made an emergency trip to Target. We are washing hair. And combing hair. And doing mountains of laundry in hot water.

Can you guess why?

Come on, you can probably figure it out.

Here's a hint - K was doing her school when she jumped up shrieking, "A bug just fell out of my hair!"

(The ewwwww factor of this post just went up exponentially, I know.)

Yes, it seems we are being visited by lice. The smallest easiest child has been treated, the older one with the extremely sensitive scalp will be undergoing the torture right after lunch, and I will be following them. Because I can't tell if I have sympathy itching or I have my first ever visitation by those small demons.

Maybe it would just be easier to shave our heads, burn every piece of fabric in the apartment and move *right now*.


Angela S said...

Seriously EW and Yuck and I'M SOOOOOO Sorry! Good luck. That totally and completely bites!

Nancy said...

Oh Bless your heart - and I do mean it. I am so sorry. I hope this passes quickly.