Monday, August 18, 2008

How I spend my days these days

As the move date hurtles toward us, my thoughts are increasingly trapped by the logistics of getting 4 people, 1 cat, and all their respective stuff from one home to another. Actually, we found out today that our move date has been moved up from next Friday to next Monday.

This is good news. Otherwise we would have less than 3 days to get everything out of here, into there, and this place spotlessly clean. Technically, it would have been doable, but it would not have been fun. The new date will allow us more wiggle room.

The new date did give me a little more motivation to get more stuff into boxes. Not that we have much more room to *stack* the boxes. Towers of brown cardboard line the walls upstairs and down and threaten to tumble down on us in our sleep.

Oh wait. That already happened.

Let me say that boxes crashing to the floor at 4am will scare you witless. I just hope nothing broke.

So far I've only packed up one library book that I then had to break into a couple of boxes to find. The rest have been able to stay sealed and waiting. I haven't had much time and energy to think of fun and exciting posts that don't mention packing, boxes, or house details. Thank goodness, I started that whole adoption journey series at exactly the right time.

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Angela S said...

I don't envy you right now. We've moved 8 or so times in our five years of marriage, 6 of those were in the first two and a half. So we are now experts in packing and making moves happen fast. Good luck!!!