Sunday, August 10, 2008

K is growing up

Tomorrow is K's first real slumber party. Her friend is turning 8 and is having An American Girl themed party. They're having pizza, watching on of the American Girl movies, and making sleeping bags for their dolls.

Guess how many American Girl dolls K has.

That's right! Zero.

K hasn't had *any* interest in dolls in ages, not even the popular American Girls. I even volunteered to take the girls to the grand opening of the American Girl store in Dallas. Can you imagine how cool that would have been?

K said no.

Today at lunch we were discussing the party and Mr. at Home, in an astonishing flash of understanding into the pre-adolescent girl mind, asked if K would be out of place at the party since she doesn't have a doll and everyone else would be bringing one. Since K seemed very interested in having a doll, I offered to buy her an 18" doll from Target. It's not an official American Girl, but it is a very cool alternative.

So I took her to Target and we found "Hailey" that comes with pajamas and other sleepover essentials. K is very excited and came right home and started playing.

On the way home, K did express the concern that the other girls would know she wasn't an "official" American Girl doll. Ah, the pressure to fit in starts so young. So we have a deal. If K actually plays with and enjoys this doll, we will make a special trip to the American Girl doll store and she can get a real doll. Maybe we'll go near Christmas and do the whole experience for both girls.

For now, K will just have to rely on the fact that the other girls will think her doll's satin pajamas are cool.

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Nancy said...

Hope she has a blast!