Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Tour Stop #3 - Arkansas

After we left Oklahoma, we headed toward home with a stopover in Arkansas and a camping trip with the grandparents. We stayed outside of Hot Springs and spent our first full day touring bath house row, doing some shopping, trying on Grandad's hat, and riding the ducks.

You know...the ducks. Those car things that drive through town then off into the water for a tour of the lake. I thought the girls would love it. Here's a picture of K on the ride.

And here's a picture of L.

She fell asleep before we were 20 feet away from the curb and she stayed that way the entire trip. Ah well, she needed the nap anyway.

The highlights of our time in Hot Springs were the Junior Ranger badge that K earned by completing a book about the national park and the trip to the pirate mini golf course.

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