Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Olympic Party

Tonight is the television replay of the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremonies. It actually happened at 08:08:08 this morning, which was the evening of o8-08-08 in China. I have heard the ceremony, particularly the fireworks, were phenomenal.

Tonight at 7:30 EDT, the TV show will start and we're having a party. Ok, so it's just a family party, but a party none the less.

I've made Indoor S'mores from the recipe on back of the Golden Grahams box. I've also made sugar cookie dough that we will cut in the shape of rings, then paint them with powdered sugar icing, and arrange in the Olympic rings symbol. Add some pizza rolls and some root beer and you've got a feast.

We'll all put on our pajamas and make a pile of pillows and blankets on the floor in front of the TV so we can watch in comfort. Hopefully, the girls will just drift off to sleep at some point instead of fighting tooth and nail to stay awake. Because the fighting just makes everyone grumpy. I've promised that they can stay awake for the whole thing if they make it, but they have to take a nice, long nap this afternoon.

Between the nap and the start of the show, we'll make those cookies and I have a couple of Olympic coloring sheets for them. Because I'm all prepared like that.

Ok, not really, I just found them on the internet and printed them off.

But at least I *look* prepared.

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Nancy said...

You are so creative! Sounds like a fun and educational night!