Monday, August 4, 2008

Do I or Don't I?

On Friday I went to my favorite hair salon, the one that always gives great cuts. A few months ago, my stylist moved so I switched to another one. A newbie. With bad hair. Which ought to have caused me to run in the opposite direction, but no, I bravely sat down and let her proceed.

And proceed she did. She spent a ton of time on the cut, clipping and texturizing and I ended up with a cute razored bob look. There was one problem, though. The left side looked a little thicker and longer to me, but I figured it was her attempt at a little asymmetry and decided to see if she fixed it the next time.

Well, I went back Saturday (she had finally had someone fix her own hair) and she whipped through my haircut in record time, failing to thin and texturize so the bob looks less "razored" and more "mushroom". This is *not* a flattering look on me. I noticed it in the shop, but I hoped it was just the way she styled it. I got home, washed it, and nope, it really is cut like that.

And then Saturday night, I noticed the neckline. At first fix, it looks fine. 10 minutes later, it has bunched into 6 various lengths that differ by as much as *an inch*. It looks like a child hacked it off.

My dilemma is do I call the shop and demand another stylist to fix my hair? I could trim the neckline myself and avoid that whole uncomfortable display, but I paid good money for the haircut and I want it done right. I, however, hate confrontations and I'd probably have to face the original butcher and get her in trouble with management, etc. etc. It's that whole Southern belle thing coming out in me.


Anonymous said...

I think you should go back to the salon and have them right the wrong! That's twice you've been less than pleased with the cut, and when you explain to them what you've said on your blog, I think they'll be very understanding. I didn't notice you looking like a mushroom on Sunday, but I definitely understand the feeling of not liking something about your hair!


Angela S said...

Yep you need to go back. Yes you can fix it yourself BUT they need to know whats up with the employee. So ask for a manager, politely explain the situation. Go back soon though so they can see it as it was cut.

Heather said...

I would go back and show them "post" cut. And, I don't like confrontation, either, but, you spent good hard earned money, you should get what you asked for and be satisfied. Ask for another stylist, and don't use that other girl again.

Nancy said...

First of all, I saw you on Sunday and I thought your hair looked great!

I would do what the others have suggested - sweetly explain the situation and ask for someone else - you shouldn't have to "self-correct" your hair!