Monday, August 4, 2008

Thanks for the advice on the hair dilemma

I bit the bullet and went back to the hair salon this afternoon. When I called, they were so matter-of-fact and didn't ask for any explanation. I got a stylist who has been there 13 years rather than 13 minutes and she got it fixed right up. I even managed to explain the problem areas without acting like I was accusing the other stylist of doing a bad job. We decided it had just been left too long and thick at the neckline and the new stylist got to use a new razor technique she had learned in a training class to thin everything else out. I got a good haircut and a new stylist who *didn't* mention the word "faux-hawk" right after saying she had a new short style in mind for my next haircut - eeeek!!

In other news, we did a little more packing today, got the loan packet in the mail, and received official word that our contract has been accepted by the builder. A few more steps closer.

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Nancy said...

I wondered what you decided. Thanks for posting. When are you moving?