Friday, August 1, 2008

The trouble with tutus and tap shoes

This weekend is tax-free weekend - yippee!!

We're saving all our money for the move - whine!!

I had completely forgotten about such a thing as tax-free weekend, but Mr. at Home warned me this morning that I shouldn't buy anything we didn't really, really need. Thankfully, I couldn't think of anything we really, really need.

Except maybe some new dance shoes. Which then brought about the decree of Mr. at Home that we are going to need to find a new dance studio closer to our new home.

Have I mentioned how much I love L's dance studio? The people are nice, charity-minded folks that don't care if your 4-year-old wears a huge sparkly tutu to class and they have a very professionally run recital. But it will be about 15 miles away and that's a long drive, especially with gas prices what they are.

There's a closer option that I need to go check out today since they require a specific class uniform and different shoes. Thankfully, I think those things are tax-free (and hopefully on sale) this weekend. I just hope their office is open today.


Nancy said...

Hey Valerie- how can I email you?
Do you have a contact me on your blog? mine is n(nospace followed by my last name) at

SO if my last name was Smith it would be

Anyway, email me when you get a chance - please!

Anonymous said...

You had me worried that I was missing the weekend and looked ours up. It is not until the weekend of the 15th in Texas. WHOA that was a close one.